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Back on Track is customized in-home help, performed by me and Andreia Pilla, a client who became a partner in this service, to people who are struggling to manage daily chores, for whatever reason.

You can hire us when you need, for example:

- quick cleaning and tidying up
- special or specific cleaning and tidying up
- organizing schedules and routine
- personalized organizing
- consulting on organizing and cleaning
- shopping
- consulting on shopping
- consulting on life with a child
- baby sitting
- consulting on how to settle in the Netherlands
- furniture assembling
- watering plants
- taking out the trash
- doing laundry

You can also ask for a specific help or, if you need something we can't do, we help you on searching for it.

No matter how dirty or messy your house or your life is, we will help you with zero judgment.

We can tailor a personalized package for every need, but if you don't know where to start, we have some packages:

👊 Just a little push - €327
- intake
- 4h of in-home help
- online support during 2 weeks
- closure online session after the 2 weeks

🤝 Take me by the hand - €927
- intake
- 12h in-home help spread out over 4 weeks
- online support during 4 weeks

🆘 Rock bottom - €2127
- intake
- 36h of in-home help spread out over 4 weeks
- online support during 4 weeks

Too much or too little for you? Get in touch for a personalized solution that will fit your needs 🌈 

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I organize the space that is disturbing your daily life. You learn how to avoid clutter, get rid of your worries and get free time.

  • Cabinets, closets

  • Kitchen, pantry, bathroom

  • Garage, storage rooms

  • Home offices, bookshelves

  • Documents, collections

  • Routine


I organize your moving and at the moment you get in, you already have a functional and functioning home, ready to be enjoyed.

  • I prepare, declutter and pack your current house

  • I guide the moving company upon delivery

  • I unpack and organize your new home

Services: Services



The Tapa package is a quick round of superficial cleaning and tidying up, so the mess and dirt won't build up. 

Taking approximately 40 minutes, we prioritize according to what bothers you the most, but the basic Tapa package ideally tackles:

- toilets

- bathroom sink + mirror

- kitchen sink (NO heavy dishwashing but organizing dirty dishes and/or loading washing machine)

- dinner table

- countertops

- stovetop

- living room

Prices per week per zip code

1082, 1083

1x €15

2x €27

3x €40

1081, 1077, 1078, 1079

1x €18

2x €32

3x €48

1181, 1182, 1183

1x €20

2x €36

3x €54

Depending on time and priorities, we can add:

- feeding pets

- watering plants

- loading washing machine

- folding laundry

- taking out the garbage

Would you like something else? We can discuss it!


Brazilian style (aka SERIOUS) cleaning of all visible surfaces and inside the cabinets + a standard (not personalized) organizing. Window treatments NOT included. 

Kitchen €140

Bathroom + toilet €120

Do you need a serious cleaning somewhere else? Maybe I can help too, let's chat!

Services: Services


We talk about what disturbs you, be it a widespread mess or a specific issue, and I guide your path on getting more free time.


1h online consulting

If you just need that little push to know where to start, that initial spark to solve the mess by yourself.


3x 1h online consulting
15 minutes adjusting/closure

If you prefer to be guided in a more step-by-step way, this package will work well for organizing one room.

Services: Price List
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