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You might benefit from professional help in organizing if:

  • you frequently don't know where things are in your spaces

  • it's not uncommon that you unexpectedly find out objects or food (maybe expired long ago...) that you didn't remember you had

  • you waste too much time tidying up

  • you keep trying to put up organizing systems in your spaces but they don't seem to work

  • you feel suffocated by belongings

  • your spaces demand more maintenance than you'd like

  • you want to move houses and not lose your mind during the process

The professional organizer makes a personalized assessment of your spaces and implements organization systems to put an end to the mess and keep it from coming back.

What is the problem of living inside the mess?

You waste time, you waste money buying things you already had but didn't remember, you waste precious space with these things, you can't sort out your tasks and routine, you don't want to go back home at the end of the day because you don't enjoy it.

Organizing is different from tidying up

In a tidy house there is no apparent mess but no one can find anything when they need it. You tidy it up by storing things in the first closed cupboard you find, but soon the mess comes back and you need to tidy up again.

In an organized space each object has its place, it's easily found and easily stored back. You have the most used things at hand and all the other things in sight. You know where things are and you are in control of your home and you time.

How can a PO help me?: What
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